F.I.L.T.H. is a film depicting a day in the life of the vibrant inhabitants of Hastings - The Hæstingas. 

The Sussex seaside town has for many years been a particularly impoverished area of the country, known for high levels of unemployment, alcohol addiction and drug use.

However over the last decade, the town has evolved into a hub for arts, music and culture. Because of this, and the low housing costs, recently there has been an influx of London 'hipsters' move into the town. Colloquially known as D.F.L.'s (Down from Londoners), the Guardian subsequently published an article in 2018 referring to them as F.I.L.T.H. (Failed in London, Try Hastings). The title of the film is a play on this: Failed in London, Thrive in Hastings.

There is now a large financial disparity in the town between the extremely wealthy and the poor, though the hundreds of festivals and events held in Hastings each year (photos of which can be found in the Gallery) has provided integration for anyone and everyone who calls the town their home. Thus this disparity goes mostly unnoticed and there is a thriving community spirit.